Bush Walking, Snorkelling, Diving, Sunsets, Kayaking and much more

Activities at Tranquillity Island Resort with several kilometers of beachfront and bush you will find plenty of things to do to suit everyone during your stay with us here. We offer  both excellent water-based activities including snorkeling, scuba diving and kayaking and paddle boarding.

Moso Island & Tranquillity Island Resort Activities

As well as plenty of activities to do above the water there something for everyone’s pace. You can take a picnic lunch and walk to a secluded beach, admire the amazing bush and wildlife that surrounds you, or take a bush walk or along the Cave at Fred's Beach.southerly bush trail to search for treasure in our ancient caves. Or just laze on your private beach and raid our book exchange and enjoy the beauty of this relaxed pace of life on Moso island with us at Tranquillity Island Resort.

Bush Walking Activities at Tranquillity Island Resort

Wander off Tranquillity’s paths and you’ll quickly find yourself a jungle adventure among thick trees and vines bush walking here on the island is just one of the great activities here at Tranquillity Island Resort that all the family can join in with. Ask the managers for a map or ask us and hire a local guide to explore and learn more.

Here  are just a highlight of a  few of our bush walks around Moso.

Fred’s BeachWalk for an hour along the beach and up over the saddle to get to Fred’s Beach, which is fantastic for snorkelling and a perfect picnic spot – just ask for a packed lunch.
Sunset BeachAnother perfect beach with some great caves hiding some special surprises – walk up to the campsite and along the track to the southern point of the island.
Skull Cave – This is walk is for more adventurous to visit the mysterious Skull Cave , this walk you can do by yourself but we would recommend a guide to ensure to find your way and enjoy this way and the story behind the Skull Cave.

Snorkeling/Scuba Diving

Our house reef at Tranquility Island Resort is one of most poplar activities here spread 3km+ along the shoreline, snorkeling can be easily done with just few steps from your fare. A variety of underwater landscape offers you explore underwater. The Water around Moso island are great for everyone, So it really does not matter if your newbie or expert!

Diving here on Moso Island you can enjoy some the less crowded and best sites in Efate. We have our own PADI 5 * Diving Centre here for your choice of activities at Tranquillity Island Resort. If you want a few days of none crowded dive sites or wanting to take your first breath underwater and try scuba diving or learn we can offer it all here on your doorstep or by booking a day trip to join us.

Moso Waters

Snorkeling at Tranquillity Island ResortThe sandy bottom is where you can find camouflage flounder, tiny pipe fish, overly dressed lion fishes and shy stingrays. Patches of sea grass are where many marine animals begin life, perfect bedding for juvenile fish to shelter from predators.

We don’t want to mention the appearance of Dugong too often, it will spoil the odd chance to spot them. The Bommies are homes for the cardinal fishes, where you can spend hours  watching these brightly blue Anthias dashing in and out between coral. The moray eel’s might be playing hide and seek with you. Starfish from red to blue decorate the individual reefs and make its own diversity full with life.

The Coral reef’s here are abundant with colourful reef fish, competitions are on  which fish catches your eyes first. Hawkbills and Green turtles like to hang out on our shoreline also, just another addition of how lucky we are to have the wonderful house reef just by our door step for you to enjoy!

There are also many more snorkeling areas accessible by short bush walks,  jump and explore the clear blue water’s in front of the resort to have a look at the remains of the WW2 submarine nets that protected the US Navy during the war

Kayaking/Paddle Boarding

Tranquility Island Resort we havActivities at Tranquility e 3 twin kayaks available and three paddle boards so pick one up and go  exploring the waters around Moso Island and enjoy the peaceful and calm waters.

The Sunset and Banyan Beaches can be reached on a calm day, just head around the southern point. During your stay it is worth a trip up to White Rock and beyond to look out for different turtles and of course the Dugong’s . A guide can be arranged for a full/half day or overnight. Packed lunches and camping gear can be provided.

Day or Half Day Cruise

A visit to Tranquillity Island is not complete without a day trip on The Lady of Vanuatu herself Coongoola Day Cruise. This day trip  is favorite activity of our guests both on day trips with us and also guest staying at Tranquillity Island Resort. You can visit secluded coves and beaches of fine white coral sand. Snorkel or dive in crystal clear warm water and maybe see our dolphin friends at play. Some of previous guest have uploaded their highlights from Coongoola Day Cruises.

Day trips can be arranged with the team at Tranquillity Island Resort throughout the week. Cruise includes transfer, morning / afternoon tea, BBQ lunch snorkeling gear with Coongoola Day Cruise. Ask us for more information about this trip or click on the link above.


Here at Tranquillity Island we can take the hassle away and can arrange for you get picked up in a traditional banana boat and head out for some serious game fishing. The deep warm water attracts big fish including Marlin, Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo and Sailfish – catch something and bring it back for the BBQ. Pick up from the pier for a full or half day. Trips ideal for both beginners and the more experienced.

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