Efate & Beyond

Efate is excellent for tourists, with plenty of activities to suit all interests and ages. Our transfers make it easy for you to get around and we can plan any trip on your behalf. Vanuatu’s other islands include the famous Yasur Volcano at Tanna, renowned Land Diving on Penecost Island (seasonal) and the enormous scuba diving wreck, the Coolidge, in Santo.

Efate Island Safari – Spend the day with the most cheerful man in Vanuatu as he guides you round the island taking in historical sites and spectacular scenery. Optional visits include a trip to a local village to learn the customs and traditions of Ni Vanatu people; remnants of the American presence at the WW2 Museum; the Secret Gardens to get a taste of island flora and fauna. Stop for some lunch then perhaps on to the Blue Lagoon for a refreshing dip before hitting Port Vila to stock up on some fresh fruit from the colourful local market and do some shopping.

Be collected Hollywood style in your private helicopter from Helipad beach. See Efate in all it’s glory from the air on Vanuatu Helicopter’s ‘Best of Efate’ tour.

Regular flights run up to Santo in the north and small aeroplanes offer day or overnight trips to the highly active Yasur Volcano at Tanna or the (seasonal) land diving activities on Pentecost Island. Boats services are also available between many of Vanuatu’s islands.

Bike the island with the Island Cycle Tour or drive it with Car, Quad, Buggy, Motorbike Rental. Play Golf, try Flyboarding or Parasailing, go Horseriding or Surfing or Sailing. Its all within reach.