October 2018


October was a busy month here at TIR! We welcomed our new managers, Mitch and Steff, our owner Owen stayed onsite for two weeks, and we had lots of action in the turtle department. We also had discover scuba divers, open water students, junior open water students, and even a scuba diver course to round off our month. Phew! What a whirlwind. If you haven’t seen, we are trying to keep our Facebook and Instagram pages up to date and full of current information. Follow us to see what’s next at TIR!

Regarding our Hawksbill sponsors and releases, we were not able to capture many photos this month. If you have pictures please feel free to send them in! You can email us at tranquility@vanuatu.com.vu or comment on our facebook. We would love to feature all your photos here. Now, let’s get onto our turtle news!

We had some amazing and generous folks stop by our turtle sanctuary this month, and they deserve to be recognised.

Jeff Barry James – Sponsored by Joanne, Sonia, Deb
Franklin – Sponsored by Taylor & Jesse Toon
Gilligan – Sponsored by Tara & Joe Jelo
Harold (2) – Sponsored by Cassie Brindley
Olive – Sponsored by Christine Corrigan
Yurtle – Sponsored by Emily Valentine
Myrtle – Sponsored by Olivia Valentine
Bronte – Sponsored by Tina Trivett
Keely – Sponsored by Tina Trivett
Coral – Sponsored by Anna & Evie Gibson

With the help of all our amazing sponsors this month and last month, we have lots of turtles ready for release. The following turtles made their way into the ocean this month, and who knows where they’ve taken off to!

Harold (1) – Sponsored by Tahlia Sklifoff and released by David Reeves – Tags: R16661 / R16660
Alfred – Sponsored by The Suttil Family and released by Warren Power – Tags: R16666 / R16667
Awaroa – Sponsored by The Sumneer School and released by The Kamo Int – Tags: R16657 / R16656
Peanut – Sponsored by Leanne Fitzgerald and released by Josh Allbaugh – Tags: R16662 / R16663
Little Beast – Sponsored by Melissa Debenedetto and released by Will, Max, Evie, Mie – Tags: R16671 / R16672
Tim Tam – Sponsored by Fiona McCredie and released by Karla – Tags: R16664 / R16665
Alexa – Sponsored by The Kelley Family and released by The Walker Family – Tags: R16672 / R16673
Coral – Sponsored by Anna & Evie Gibson and released by Anna & Evie Gibson – Tags: R16668 / R16669

**Please note, all of the names listed in the ‘releases’ section should have received a certificate with their turtle’s details on it. We had a number of emails bounce back to us this month, so if you have yet to receive your certificate please let us know.

We provide SPREP all of our turtle information for The Turtle Research and Monitoring Database System. Any sightings of a tagged turtle should be reported to them directly. Please recall, our turtle tags do not have GPS capability, so we rely on voluntary reports from the general public.