The Resort


Slip away from the hustle and bustle... and relax

Tranquillity Island is an eco-resort, dive centre and turtle sanctuary located near Port Vila off the northwest coast of Efate Island, Vanuatu. The Resort is set on its own private island – Moso Island. A 40minute drive away from Port Vila, another 15mins boat ride will bring you far enough from civilization but close enough to untouched marine and fauna.

Our Resort is built between green and coconut trees. It is so low key you are not actually able to see the huts when you arrive on the boat. Many guests are surprised to find their fares hiding between trees but so close to the sea. Trees provide privacy between fares, each has its own beachfront, also the trees create plenty of shade to hang a hammock.

We offer an authentic island stay, simplicity and the chance to get back to nature. Our beach huts are stylish yet basic and constructed from local materials using local historic methods. Each fares has its own private beach and is equipped with western facilities. Read more about our accommodation options here.

The island has no mains power so there are no flat screen television or mini bars, but we do stock cold drinks in the restaurant and our food is freshly delivered every day. We use solar panels to provide 24 hour lighting and we have a diesel generator that is on for several hours each day providing 220 volts to charge up your gadgets. We pump water from an underground lens and harvest rain water whenever possible. We aim to minimise our impact on the island land, cutting back trees and growth only where essential and leaving habitats intact.

Free WIFI is available at our WIFI hotspot and local mobile phone networks cover the island. With no mains electricity, no cars or bikes and very little light pollution, Tranquillity offers you the chance to see, feel and listen to nature as nature intended. The resort is not lit at night except for the rooms and the restaurant. We find a lot of the animals appreciate the lack of light.Environmentally safe sunscreen, mosquito repellent, a good pair of shoes and a torch for the evenings are good things to bring.

Join us for an authentic beach hut stay and get back to nature