November 2018


November was a quiet month at TIR, as everyone is getting ready to gear up for the Christmas holidays. This month brought us a change in weather, a drop-off in wind, and maaaaany hot days and nights. Luckily it seems to be cooling off again!

We also got 51 new hatchlings this month!! Yay baby turtles. Don’t take my word for it, come pay us a visit and see them for yourself!

Lots of people stopping by TIR this month were extremely generous, and we are eternally grateful. Let’s see those sponsors!

Howard – Sponsored by Jessica Howard
Mayella Lulu – Sponsored by Jaclyn Sein & Natalie Air
Toby – Sponsored by Gabi Taylor
Doogong – Sponsored by Sina Jakimowicz
Rags – Sponsored by Michele & Garry
Coco – Sponsored by Bianca & Dean
James – Sponsored by Kat & Matt Bond

We currently have twelve turtles available for release. This month the ocean got to welcome the following turtles:

Olive – Sponsored by Christine Corrigan and released by Tahlia Gray – Tags: RI16677 / RII16676
Howard – Sponsored by Jessica Howard and released by Daniel & Oliva Obrien – Tags: RI16684 / RI16685
Gilligan – Sponsored by Tara & Joe Jelo and released by Adam & Joanne Brekelmans – Tags: RI16680 / RI16681
Nicolas – Sponsored by Mary Antoniou and released by Megan G – Tags: RI16682 / RI16683
Franklin – Sponsored by Taylor & Jesse Toon and released by Kahina Wotton – Tags: RI16686 / RI16687
Bronte – Sponsored by Tina Trivett and released by Andrew Epska – Tags: RI16638 / RI16637
Pomona – Sponsored by Gwynne Family and released by Kamo Int – Tags: RI16659 / RI16658
James – Sponsored and released by Kat & Matt Bond – Tags: RI16697 / RI16698

**Please note, all of the names listed in the ‘releases’ section should have received a certificate with their turtle’s details on it. If you have yet to receive your certificate please let us know.

We provide SPREP all of our turtle information for The Turtle Research and Monitoring Database System. Any sightings of a tagged turtle should be reported to them directly. Please recall, our turtle tags do not have GPS capability, so we rely on voluntary reports from the general public.

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