Cyclone Pam

The category 5 cyclone that passed through Vanuatu on 13th March 2015 hit headline news across the world.

It’s not surprising that would-be guests are concerned to visit and tourism was at an all-time seasonal low.

Tranquillity Resort has always perceived itself as the fortunate keeper of the beautiful stretch of coastline. All construction has carefully minimised the cutting back of trees and it is to this fact that we now found ourselves thankful. They protected our Fares and enabled the beaches to grip tight against the eroding effects of storm water.

Some leaf roofs were swept away and a handful of our buildings suffered some damage but thankful most of the damage was not major

The coral reefs protected the sandy beaches and, incredibly, held their own. Our dive sites & snorkelling spots are as beautiful and healthy as ever with visibility exceeding 20 meters on the west side of Moso Island. Snorkelling and kayaking are all viable activities, our bush walks are now slightly more adventurous than they were. We did lose some of our beautiful trees but we’ve cleared the paths and new shoots are relishing in their new found space and sunlight. The stars are astounding and the birds and bats are back in greater numbers.

Tourists, we need you! We have worked tirelessly to return Tranquillity to its beautiful, functional being and mother nature has responded beyond belief, so let us welcome you to our slice of paradise.