Turtle News January 2019


January 2019 started off busy, and quickly dropped off. We guess everyone is too partied out from the holidays, and needs a break! While we are in “cyclone” season, we had no rain at Tranquility. Whoop!In January we had a school group from the Hawaii Preparatory Academy join us to do turtle research on some of our nesting turtles. You can learn more about what they do here, and read their blog for more details about their trip!

For our turtle news this month we have…


Westie – Sponsored by Mitchell & Cooper Pappas
Ida Twinkie – Sponsored by Anna, Dan, & Isabella
Freddy – Sponsored by The Lorusso Family


Keely – Sponsored by Tina Trivett and released by Laura Duesbury – Tags: RI16769 / RII16768
Mayella Lulu – Sponsored by Jaclyn Sein & Natalie Air and released by Jared & Maddy – Tags: RI14991 / RI14992
Toby – Sponsored by Gabi Taylor and released by Kim Verlin – Tags: RI14995 / RI14996
Doogong – Sponsored by Sina Jakimowicz and released by Matt Verlin – Tags: RI14994 / RI14993
Freddy – Sponsored and released by The Lorusso Family – Tags: RI14997 / RI14998
Westie – Sponsored and released by Mitchell & Cooper Pappas – Tags: RI16747 / RI16764
Ida Twinkie – Sponsored and released by Anna, Dan, & Isabella – Tags: RI16761 / RI16760

**Please note, all of the names listed in the ‘releases’ section should have received a certificate with their turtle’s details on it. If you have yet to receive your certificate please let us know.

We provide www.sprep.org/”>SPREP all of our turtle information for The Turtle Research and Monitoring Database System. Any sightings of a tagged turtle should be reported to them directly. Please recall, our turtle tags do not have GPS capability, so we rely on voluntary reports from the general public.

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