Discover what Tranquility has to offer beneath the waves

Moso Island is blessed with an abundance of marine life. We have privileged access to the best reef diving spots off Efate, and arguably Vanuatu. With over 20 different sites, we offer a range of activities for all requirements, whether you’re an experienced diver or yet to blow your first bubbles!

Our dive sites have an exceptional range of pristine soft and hard corals, reef fish and pelagics. Divers and snorkelers regularly spot turtles, eagle and cowtail rays. A range of marine mammals like dolphins and dugongs are sometimes seen.

Visibility is rarely below 20 metres and often exceeds 40. Water temperature ranges from 24 degrees in our ‘winter’ to over 30 degrees during the summer wet season.

Shore dives start from right in front of our resort and offer spectacular coral gardens teeming with fish of all colours and sizes.

Boat dives from our dive boat ‘Manatee’ offer the opportunity to explore stunning underwater landscapes, large bommies, thermal vents, swim-throughs and caves. A well as opportunities for drift diving and exploring the two local wrecks.

Almost all of our sites, with the exception of the wreck dives and a few deeper and more exposed sites; are ideal for Free Divers and snorkelers. Night dives and early morning dives are available for overnight guests on request.

Over 20 different dive sites

Average 27 degrees water temperature

Up to 40m visibility