Meet The Team

Meet the Tranquillity Team

Our fabulous team devoted to ensuring you have the best stay here at Tranquillity Island resort Moso


Stephen - One very hard working man from Pentecost. Almost on every task and can rely without telling him second time. We trust him with the Turtle like no other man.


Robson Tanna - You hear singing or whistling while you visit, it must come from this Tanna man.Our all time favourite comedian. Loves music and can play good ukulele as well.


Captain Jefri - From Malakula. Apart from cooking! name a task that he can't complete? Driving us from harbour to dive site, wiring, diving, fixing outboard engines? Anything you can ask him and will complete them in no time.


Captain David - Happy captain also very good at plumbing. A man who will not sit down without finishing his task. Brave guy who removes scary creatures (Gekkos) out from your house and uses them to make his mates scream


Tommy- Resort House instructor, originally from Ambryn.

Been here nearly a decade, he may not know all the fish but all the fish in the area know him! He's the man who you can ask for legendary story about the island.

Socks- The island chief of security! and his partner in crime and a firm favourite of our guests. Socks's Hobbies include eating, sleeping and chasing chickensand belly rubs 


Join us for an authentic beach hut stay and get back to nature