Turtle Talk News June 2020

Turtle Talk News June 2020

We will also be including our latest offers and deals.It’s been a very difficult time all over the world right now, but here at Tranquility Island Resort we have been encouraged by the lovely messages and support from friends near and far.

Turtle Sanctuary

Turtle Sanctuary

Big thank you from all the team here along with our turtle’s and not forgetting Socks and Boots are cheeky resident dogs.

COVID 19/Harold Update Thankfully here in Vanuatu we have been Covid 19 free from the start, But as the boarders were closed quickly in March 2020 things have been a little quite here.

Thankfully we were lucky here if Efate that Harold did not effect to much but other islands were not so lucky.


Diving News.

Roi Mata Wreck - Tranquillity Island ResortHere in Efate we have been able to still dive and been lucky to have some local and ex-pat guests joining us for a dive’s/short stay’s during this difficult time, The staff here are working as hard as ever, even in the quieter days keeping the resort ready for your return, along with this we are also visiting some of lesser known dived sites and looking for new sites ready for you when you return. We have found Mandarin Fish, Orangutan Crab, big Sweetlips and Groupers, free swimming Flatworms, feeding Aplysia and also a squadron of Pigmy Manta Rays (Mobula Thurstona).


Help us to Support the Hawksbill Turtles…….

Tranquility Island Resort proudly runs a voluntary Hawksbill Turtle Conservation Program, based here at the resort. We have upwards of 200 juvenile turtles that we raise from hatch-lings until they reach 1 year old, before we tag and release them into the ocean.

Our turtle program is not funded by any government or charity, we rely on donations & the generosity of our visitors, guests and friends and our sponsorship/release programs 100% of donation goes towards feeding and nurturing these baby turtles.

To date we’ve released over 2000 healthy Hawksbills!

How can YOU Help

Due to the Covid 19 affecting our number of visitors over the past months, we need to raise funds to continue to help support our turtles urgently. All funds raised are and will be used for the feeding & caring for our turtles.


the tags Hawsbill Turtles used for future sightings

Sea Turtle Awareness

You can make a donation not matter how small through Paypal to please contact us for information if you can  mark turtle donation with your name please. By bank transfer either through our Vanuatu or Aussie account’s please email for information.You can still take part in our sponsorship/Virtual Release program.

Where you can Sponsor/or Virtual Release a baby hawksbill. Choose its name and have your email address assigned to the unique tag numbers which are placed on every turtle before release.

The South Pacific Regional Environmental Program (https://www.sprep.org/thetreds) administers the tagging programs, they then notify us if your turtle is seen and then will we email you should your turtle be spotted on its underwater journey through life.

Please contact us for more information and look at our website for more information.or via our Facebook page Tranquility Island Resort & follow us on Instagram @tranquility_island_resort. Thank you for your support

Last words from the legends Socks and Boots

Hi Human Friends

We are Socks and Boots and we live at Tranquility Resort, taking care of security & tour guiding on our Bush Walks and generally having many a lazy days by the sea.

We been really busy here at the resort checking the bush walks are up to speed for you coming back and we miss showing you humans the way around the place.

But we have show these new human folk Mick and Vicky around the place.

We are training them well !!

They Feed us, give us belly rubs and play ball.

We are trying to be good and try not to chasing chickens, but some days we forget but we are not sure why they keep telling us to get of the boats when they going diving, we only checking you all ok !!!

We will see you all soon Sock and Boots WOOF WOOF !!