Turtle News December 2018


Well, the holidays are over, this post is almost a week late, and we are feeling that post-Christmas crash! December was an extremely busy month for us at Tranquility Island Resort. We had every single building full of guests, and we had lots of diving! We are still busy with courses and fun diving at the resort, so please forgive me for getting this info blast out a bit late.


Tasi-Feto – Sponsored by Timor-Leste
Stuart Brady – Sponsored by Emma Bould
Bob – Sponsored by Max Costello
Twinkle – Sponsored by Susie Costello
Totally Awesome Dude – Sponsored by Sylvie Griffin
Malitini – Sponsored by Steve & Laurene Holley
Judilin – Sponsored by Shaun Wayne & Lisa Gillet
Koopa – Sponsored by Scott & Yvette Angelinetta
Hank Jnr – Sponsored by Felicity & Brett Richards
Hope-Jo – Sponsored by Candice Cook & Chantelle Nolte


Michelle – Sponsored by Michelle Gill and released by Debbie McQuaid – Tags: RI16690 / RII16689
Turts – Sponsored by Tonit Paige Menzies and released by Trent & Marie – Tags: RI16764 / RI16765
Harold – Sponsored by Cassie Brindley and released by Khloe Jessup – Tags: RI16775 / RI16774
Yurtle – Sponsored by Emily Valentine and released by Kaylee Glenn – Tags: RI16771 / RI16770
Myrtle – Sponsored by Olivia Valentine and released by Maria Williamson – Tags: RI16767 / RI16766
Coco – Sponsored by Bianca and Dean and released by Eratap Beach Resort – Tags: RI16700 / RI16699
Tasi-Feto – Sponsored and released by Timor-Leste – Tags: RI16679 / RI16678
Stuart Brady – Sponsored and released by Emam Bould – Tags: RI16694 / RI16693
Malitini – Sponsored and released by Steve & Laurene Holley – Tags: RI16695 / RI16696
Judilin – Sponsored and released by Shaun Wayne & Lisa Gillett – Tags: RI16692 / RI16691
Hank Jnr – Sponsored and released by Felicity & Brett Richards – Tags: RI16763 / RI16762
Hope-Jo – Sponsored and released by Candice Cooke & Chantelle Nolte – Tags: RI16773 / RI16772

**Please note, all of the names listed in the ‘releases’ section should have received a certificate with their turtle’s details on it. If you have yet to receive your certificate please let us know.

We provide SPREP all of our turtle information for The Turtle Research and Monitoring Database System. Any sightings of a tagged turtle should be reported to them directly. Please recall, our turtle tags do not have GPS capability, so we rely on voluntary reports from the general public.

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