Tranquillity and Tassariki Village on Moso

We Work Together to Build a Brighter Future

Tranquillity Island and Tassariki Village


Tranquillity Island Resort is owned by Owen & Lydia Drew,  both Vanuatu citizens, as well as a minority share by the customary owner representing the village. We are approx 4km distance from the village by bush walk.  Tranquillity Island Resort and Tassariki Village work closely providing support in a number of ways.

Working Together

Since the Development of the resort, various innovations created and developed at Tranquillity Resort have been introduced into Tassariki village. Including the transfer of experience for fresh water supply by tapping wells into the fresh water lens floating on salt water very close to shore. Prior to this water was transferred from the mainland since ancient times.

This has also been supplemented by village workers being employed at the resort gaining and encouraging skills in the construction of traditional style housing using local materials. Many of these skills have been sadly lost to the younger generations, due to the introduction of corrugated iron and brick houses during the last century.

Let there be lightTranquuility and Tassariki Villiage

Solar power was a novel system when Tranquillity Island Resort first started, this has been introduced and adopted many years ago and now become the mainstay of power instead of Kerosene and generators by most people at Tassariki Village.

A number of special projects have been undertaken for the village either directly by us or with some of our frequent guests. This have included installation by our team here at Tranquillity,  solar power unit's for the school which hosts around 100 students, to support numerous computers, laptops and Ipads and other materials donated to the school through Tranquillity’s regular guests.


Fresh Organic Fruit and Vegetables

Most of the organic fruit and vegetables that we use here at also comes from the villages gardens which are all naturally organic. The fish are also caught locally by village fishermen and for our Turtle Conservation Program, the project buys fish from the village fishermen to feed the turtles,which pays for school fees and basic necessaries for the villagers.

Some of our guests ask about village and school visits but as any visit has to be arranged through the chiefs and the Headmaster of the school, we do not really encourage this unless on very special pre-arranged occasions, as it tends to disrupt village life and the school time that is so important to the kids.

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