Turtle Talk News January 2021

Turtle Talk Newsletter January 2021

Welcome to our January 2021 Turtle Talk Newsletter. May we wish you all a Happy 2021 and we are hopeful that things may improve later this year for us all. However, still been busy, keeping the resort tidy after a number of Cyclone's and a exceptionally wet few months. But we are still ticking along here at Tranquility and welcoming Local Guest for over night stays, diving and day visits. Lots of great offer on at the present time so pop over and join us.

Turtle Sanctuary

We have been working hard and built a new Education pen full of information for our visitors about the Turtles and the project here on the island. Last year we released 199 Hawsbill Turtles back to the ocean, and up to 31 January 2021 we have released another 18 to date this year 2021.

At the end of 2020 we had information from SPREP that there had been a sighting of one of the Tranquility turtles who was named Mikey (released by a school's group in April 2018).

The Hawksbill Turtle was  sighted by a snorkeler in Byron Bay Australia relaxing coral on the reef  in July 2020. We had the nice job of passing this information onto the group that released him. pictured here is Mikey when he was released.

We had a request from a guest whom wanted to sponsor a turtle but not release that day. They wanted released as a gift niece or nephew on the date they arrived, they asked if we could put a video together of the release. After 17 days we got the call and their nephew had been born and wanted to name the turtle  Nivu.  A few weeks ago they sent us this photo of the gift they had sent back to Australia for their new Nephew to mark what they had done for him on the day of his birth. What a though full and lasting gift.

We would like to thank again each and every person who has made a donation, sponsored-released turtles or both over this difficult past year to enable us to keep this project going helping out the plight of the Hawksbill Turtle. If you would like to make a donation, or Sponsor and release a Turtle please contact us.

Diving News

Turtle Talk news is so pleased that the Devil Rays we spotted early in the year  are  still hanging around and now from time to time are the ones checking us out. Last week they surprised us by joining us on Try Dive (Discover Scuba Dive) at only 4m and taking a closer look at us. It was amazing to see them in the shallows they seemed to be comfortable around us and they stayed a while.

We been making a few trips to Hat Island and Leepa Island dive sites and this has given us some amazing drift dives and sighting of Sharks, Turtles, Manta Rays and so many different types of Nudi's. Mick also found this critter on the front of the resort and now been ID as  rare kind of Sea cucumber (Stichopus Pseudohorrens).

From January 2021 we have started taking photo's of side shots of our turtles upon release from Tranquility (this is like there finger print) and also any we see during our dives so try to get another way of ID for future sighting of our released turtles, but also ones that are resident here. Many of you are familiar with Bucket Head, but we now have another couple of characters one we have named Lady, she likes to try to eat your  camera and will follow you do this, and another whose favorite pastime is knocking guests from their paddle board. Talk about different personalities.

You can help us with ID's

If you have any photo's of Turtles taken here at Tranquility please forward them to us to keep for ID please send to tranquility@vanuatu.com.vu. The pictures must show the side of the face of the turtle or other tell tale signs e.g. marks on the shell. Please if you could let us know what site and depths that would be great but not essential, we can start to build a wider idea of the turtle population here on Moso island  and we will also keep everyone informed with progress in the upcoming Turtle Talk Newsletters.

Something New from Turtle Talk

From last year we started offering the PADI Sea Turtle Awareness Course and it's been great fun teaching this, and we have received amazing feedback on this course -  2 Dives and is a one day course.

We now offer the PADI Equipment Specialty Course here at Tranquility Island Resort and from this month offering our Rescue Workshop (for Rescue Diver or above to refresh skills from your Rescue Diver Course).

Don't Forget we also many other courses right from first time, to Open Water to Divemaster and also lots of PADI specialty courses. We also had the pleasure of presenting two people award of PADI's Master Scuba Diver well done Josh Stewart and Patrick Swain on your achievements.

For more information on our courses please check on our diving or courses.

Turtle Talk - Spot light of Tranquility Team Today Is Thomas

So lets introduce you to Thomas, many of you will know Thomaz and seen him here at Tranquillity Island Resort for many years.Thomas helps out and helps oversee everything here at the resort and the man to ask any questions.

You will find Thomas doing much of the work behind the scene's and also at the Beach Hut to ensure we have  drinks and all the food is cooked and arrives out on time. He friendly kind nature comes through here is during the Yumi 40th Celebrations in 2020.

Last Words from the Legends Socks and Boots

Hi, well we not been seeing so many faces this year, but we been keeping the bush walk open ready for you all returning. We make sure the smooth running of Tranquillity.

We been running up and down the beaches, finding people and putting them on right path of the bush walks, security of this place and playing with the new balls we have. Last month we had this funny thing flying around think Mick and Vicky called it a drone, anyway Socks and I decided to try to eat it !!! But it just took off again maybe next time......

So we are told not to chasing chicken and now no chasing drone you humans are a funny lot. But myself Boots and Socks hope to see you again soon to play ball and gets belly rubs and lots of bush walks soon.

So we will see you all soon Sock and Boots WOOF WOOF !!

So lets hope we see you soon and Happy New Year from everyone at Tranquility Island Resort and Turtle Talk News.